Here is the latest information about a couple of star parties.  

June 21, 2019 (Third Friday of each month Clouds permitting)

               Sparks Marina,

               Jim Fahey will be doing solar observations starting about 7. Great time for new member to see the safe way to observe the sun.8:30 the big 20” will be deployed to view Jupiter.  Then about 10:00 deep space objects!

July 26, 2019 Galena Campfire Program

               Constellation hunt, Jupiter and Saturn, Deep space with the 20” weather permitting.

Call Galena Creek Regional Park Office for location. 775-849-2511.

August 2 to 4, 2019 Lassen Volcanic National Park “Dark Sky Festival”.

This is the club’s number one and best STAR PARTY!!! Highlights include: nightly constellation tours and stargazing. Astronomy activities including solar scope viewing, junior Ranger Astronomy and hands on activities. Discussions and demonstrations by National Park Darks Sky Rangers, NASA, the international Dark Sky Association, StarChazerz and the Astronomical Society of Nevada.  

               If you are new to astronomy this is a great place to learn in the three days of viewing.  You do not need a telescope. You can be helpful in many different ways. This is a free event.

I have received several emails from members attending. BUT I need additional information:

  • Number in party
  • Arrival date:  (some want to arrive a day early therefore the Park must reserve a spot for you.)
  • Camping area: Tent camping with flushing toilets. Summit Lake North. --  Self-contained trailers (no water or outhouses). Lake Helen Lassen summit trailhead.  Outside Park use internet for Motels. 10-20 mile drive.
  • Telescope: none or something else.
  • Departing date: (same as arrivals)
  • Contact Number: Last minute additions or cancellation.

August 24, 2019 Markleeville Airport.

               This appears to be a small town get together. How wonderful we are invited.

Like Lassen I need:

  • Number in party
  • Arrival date
  • Camping area:  Airport, will have a porta-potty. Don’t know about water. 
  • Motel: at this time, I do not have a discount rate. TBA
  • Telescope: none or something else
  • Departing date

From Rich Harvey: The local planning for the Star Party on August 24 is well underway. We will have a toilet, and are organizing food (BBQ), snacks, coffee and hot chocolate.


Here are the names and contacts for local eateries.


  • Alpine  Local camp rounds, Price for Camp site may change
  • Turtle Rock Park  Alpine  county, open April – Oct 48.00 a night 530 694 2140 28 sites
  • Indian creek reservoir , $8-$10 April – Oct  BLM 775 885 6000  29 sites
  • Crystal springs  $ 9.00 May – September USFS
  • Hope valley resort   $15 – 30  Private  800 423 9949
  • Hope valley $ 9.00 may – oct  USFS 877 444 6777
  • Lower blue lakes $ 15.00  June – Oct  PG&E

Local Motels:


As more information comes to me I will pass it along.

Jim Fahey