This general privacy statement was written to explain the cases in which this Website will request certain types of personal information -- e.g. name and email address -- and what is done to insure the safekeeping of that information.

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Email Address Privacy

Under the Terms of Service governing the use of, if a visitor emails any of the contact addresses at either of the listed URLs, or uses any of the online contact forms provided for communication, or if a visitor becomes a member of the Web site, the visitor implicitly agrees to the use of their return email address for the sole purpose of communicative exchange. That is, by contacting, or by becoming a member of ASN's Blog or any other member service offered on, the visitor consents to receive communications in reply.

With respect to those who do use email addresses for communication through these sites:

  • Every effort will be made to protect the privacy of those using email addresses.
  • Email addresses will not be collected for the purpose of resale to third parties.

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