From the About Page of the Basin and Range Dark Skies Website:

The Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative hopes to lead the way in protecting natural nighttime environments in  some of the most pristine landscapes in the west. The goal of this network is to coordinate efforts, communicate effectively, share resources and information, and provide mutual support.

The Dark Sky Cooperative does not have a legal boundary, but is instead a geographic region where public lands, tribes, communities, businesses, schools, clubs, nonprofits and citizens join to support a set of principles resulting in mutual benefits and the long-term conservation of our starry night heritage.

The organization hub, Utah State University's Western Night Skies Council, brings together the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative and the Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative. This collaborative relationship between oranizations attempts to "educate, protect, and inspire wonder in our natural night skies..."

USU has gathered together resources for people interested in exploring and protecting the darkest skies in the lower 48 states.

From the Utah State University's Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism:

The goals of this partnership are to:

    • Extend the reach of the CPDSC and BRDSC to increase awareness and bring individuals and communities together to enjoy the benefits of natural night sky protection.
    • Promote the tools, expertise, and support for on-the-ground efforts to minimize light pollution.
    • Provide educational materials and activities for youth and amateur astronomers.
    • Elevate the economic opportunities associated with dark sky tourism.

Follow this link to join the Dark Sky Cooperative Network.


The Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative.