The Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been working with the DMV to launch a Nevada Dark Sky  Specialty License Plate. Artwork for the license plate is currently being sought. The deadline is  April 1, 2023. There will be a $500 prize for the selected artwork. 

The deadline is quickly approaching. If you are interested in submitting your design, but won't be able to have it ready by April 1, send Nora ( or Pam  ( at Friends of Nevada Wilderness an email requesting an extension. 

Design Specs and Info:

The proposed new Nevada
Dark Skies Specialty License Plate

The official Nevada Dark Skies Specialty License Plate (SLP) will pay tribute to our state’s 
uniquely dark skies. While star-studded skies have disappeared in most of the country due to 
excessive artificial lighting, they have been preserved here because so much of our state is 
publicly-owned land.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving public lands 
that exhibit wilderness characteristics. Friends will use proceeds from the SLP to raise public 
awareness of the value of preserving those lands and the awe-inspiring dark skies above them. 

Friends will accept graphic design submissions until April 1 and will be solely responsible for 
selecting the preferred design. The Nevada Highway Patrol must test the design and 
receive final approval from the Administrator of the Department of Motor Vehicles, which 
assumes ownership of the approved artwork

The creator of the finally-selected design will receive a $500 reward!
Friends will also recognize the creator of the final design in its promotion of the SLP once it’s available for registration. 
See the design specifications and samples of existing SLPs below.

Nevada Dark Skies Specialty License Plate (SLP)
Design Specifications

Size: 5 ½ “ high X 4” wide (the actual size of the final image on the plate will be slightly smaller, 
perhaps by 1/4” ea. dimension) The left-hand one-third of the plate is the only part of the plate on which is displayed any design or other insignia that is approved under
NRS 482.367002.

File type to submit: Layered pdf or Photoshop; submit to
The DMV printing process is restricted to just 400 dpi so fine detail will be lost. 

Color restrictions: None. However, reds, yellows, and oranges tend to fade faster in UV light 
than blues and greens. DMV discourages, but does not prohibit, a full-plate black background 
(like the Raiders and Black Knights plates). Perhaps a nice dark blue background would work for this plate? 

See included samples of actual SLPs on the road today. NOTE the placement of the bolt holes (to 
secure the plate to the vehicle) when working on the design. The stacked (vertical) letters on 
the plates and the tagline below the plate number are NOT part of the graphic design 

Please address any questions to:


Image Gallery

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These examples give you examples of the left side design requirement.



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