September 2, 2021

Dear fellow ASN members,

            We are one week away from our monthly meeting.  Thanks to Paul McFalane, Planetarium Director, we will start at 6 PM outside the planetarium near the circle.  The meeting will go from 6PM to 7:15. At that time ASN is invited to attend the 7:30 Movie, TBA on title. Then in October through March ASN will meet in the planetarium’s classroom from 6PM to 7:15 and at 7:30 the movie. 

            September is an important meeting. The membership will nominate their people for all board positions, President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, and Historian. In October the membership will vote for board positions.


Other items for discussion:

            Progress for the 24” telescope.

            Storage of ASN equipment. (Thank you, Robbin, for your years of storage.)

            Solar Eclipse – Where are you going for 2023 (Ring of Fire NV) and 2024 (4min totality!)

            Astronomy “hacks” to make your viewing cheaper and more fun.  I you have a “hack” to share please bring it to the meeting or describe it to the membership.


            Same date, second Tuesday of the month, different start time, 6PM.


Do you want to see forever?

Jim Fahey