June 8, 2021, Meeting; outside Planetarium in the circle.  Please bring your own chair.

6:30 – 7:00 social        7:00 – 8:00 business meeting.


Dear fellow Members of the Astronomical Society of Nevada,

It has been a tough year for us to expand and social meet with our membership.  If nothing else, we need to reconstitute this organization.   I did some brainstorming with Mike Hopper. All are just ideas looking for your feedback.

  1. Establish an inventory of ASN property and who is the current guardian of a piece of equipment. The Historian is the holder of the inventory ledger.  He/She shall provide for the safe keeping of all Society property. Upon taking office" the historian will take the annual invention of the Society’s properties and submit a written report to the Secretary (Article III Section 2 (c)).
  2. Donation equipment would not be part of this inventory list. Treasure should be responsible for this list and adjust the web site when an item is sold. Items such as junk or low-grade telescope, would be accepted but we would give away, repurpose to a school library, or scout organization. Medium grade equipment would be accepted and posted on our web site for the public to acquire by a donation to ASN.  However, ASN members may acquire the equipment at 50% off ASN listed donation. Good equipment would be accepted and posted on our web site for a donation. ASN members may acquire the equipment at 20% off ASN listed donation. 
  3. We have yet to solve the yearly dues problem. First year Membership dues would be $2 a month for the family, until December.  Then each January via e-mail and web site notification “yearly dues” of $24 would be collected. February would be the grace period. March 1, the rolls would be adjusted with a historical record of who was deleted
  4. Monthly “New moon” members only, with invited guest, weekend – star party. Web site will have a web page showing time and place with suggested targets for the night viewing.
  5. Distinctive ASN wardrobe. The T-Shirts are a logistic nightmare. A yellow safety vest may solve this problem. Yellow is the last color the eye sees before going to black and white.  The back of the safety vest would have a large screen print of the ASN logo. This would show the public who the ASN members are and who can answer questions.  The vests are cheap between $7 and $10. ASN would buy only XXXL or XXXXL vests.  The larger size will fit over winter clothing. Would these be free to members who participate in outreach events? Why not!
  6. New member learning events.
  7. Officer in Charge. We need volunteers to manage certain events who are not board members. I.e.; Mike Hopper is the point of contact for the Galena Creak bi-monthly talks and star party.  Here are some volunteer positions: RECON (Tim Stoffol & , Sparks Marina, Telescope donations, Outreach star parties, Lassen, Markleeville, schools etc.  News and TV, Solar Eclipses, Slooh Exploration. Planetarium coordinator.  (They get a free vest).
  8. Markleeville would like us to have a star party the night of August 7-8.

Jim Fahey
President Astronomical Society of Nevada