Dear ASN members,

I’m writing to tell you that next May 11, we are going to have the ASN officer election that was postponed due to COVID last October.  “By unanimous vote the officers decided it was best to postpone the election until we resume our normal schedule of meetings and star parties. (10-12-2020)”.   Our suspension of club activities has extended the current term of office for me and your other officers by seven months.  

This announcement will serve as the required 30-day notice to open nominations for the May election.   I expect there will be another in October and then we’ll be back on track.

I had planned to hold an April meeting on the 13th however, Paul says the planetarium can only admit 10 guests at a time due to their COVID restrictions.  And I hoped for nice weather to meet outdoors but it doesn’t look like we can count on that for Tuesday either.

Finally I have to tell you the May meeting will be my last one as ASN president.  I’m moving from Reno to Somerset, NJ in May, to be closer to my family.  Some of you heard about this a few months ago in one of our Zoom meetings.  

I’ll miss you all.  I plan to keep up with ASN activities though the website, Slooh, and travel to Nevada and California for summer star parties.

Thanks for a wonderful and memorable experience as your President.

Dennis Jamison

Response from Robbin School, ASN Treasurer:

Hi Dennis.
I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving but am excited for you and this new chapter in your life.  I would like to submit my offer to remain Treasurer of ASN, if anyone wants to nominate me.
Thanks all and have a great day!