2021 Outreach Star Parties


We will have a ASN business meeting July 13, 2021 outside the Planetarium in the circle. You must bring your own chair. Social meeting 6:30 to 7:00 PM. Business meeting 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Our meeting will be chaired by Tim Stoffel.

  1. The “members only” at 5705B Range land road is canceled.


Here is a list of public outreach star parties for the summer. As our charter states: "Our Mission is to encourage, foster, conduct and support programs on astronomy and related sciences for the education and enlightenment of the general public."


Here is the summer list for 2021.


Walker River State Recreation Area, Yerington July 10. Free overnight camping at their campgrounds. Brian’s astrophotography photos are published in the gallery section of the website. Comments from those who attended.


Galena Creek State Park, July 30. Local area. The setup site is beyond the Visitor Center.  Mike Hopper can give you more information.


Markleeville community Star Party, Aug 7. Free overnight camping and free dinner and breakfast.

  1. If you like fishing, Please Sign up for Markleeville. Daytime time fishing and Nighttime star party. This is a dark sky viewing area. Notes from Markleeville:

          Hope all is well ASN Members. We just concluded our first Star planning meeting and I want to let you know what we discussed. 

  1. The star event is scheduled for Saturday August 7th from 6 PM to 1 AM
  2. Flyers will be similar to those of the 2019 event, but we will add that red filters will be provided for flashlights. Your logo will be on the flyers as before.
  3. Parking for campers will be available on the tarmac viewing area and in the adjacent area under the trees 
  4. Hot dogs or hamburgers will be free to all astronomers.
  5. Coffee and breakfast rolls will be available for astronomers on Sunday morning at no cost.
  6. We ask that the astronomers bring step stools to help small children see through the telescopes.
  7. Liability Insurance will be purchased by the organizers as was done in 2019

8 The event will be locally advertised through the Chamber of Commerce, Grover State Park, bulletin boards, and on various web sites including Facebook.

  1. We expect at least 150 attendees.
  2. Portable toilets and hand washing stations will be provided.
  3. We ask that one of the astronomers give a brief talk around 8 :30 PM regarding what can be seen in the night sky with the telescopes on site.


  1. Caretaker/Operator 24 INCH
  2. We need a caretaker/operator for the 24-inch telescope.
  3. We no longer have use of the blue house and storage for the 24 inch.

3.The caretaker/operator does not have to store the 24 inch at their house but may do so.

  1. Because the 24 inch is not mobile, the caretaker’s responsibilities are limited: ASN is storing it at this time, but we need a new master of this telescope which ASN will provide training.


  1. Caretaker/operator 20 inch and trailer
  2. Operator must have vehicle with a trailer hitch to take the 20 inch to many star parties.
  3. This entails maintenance and upkeep of the trailer and telescope.
  4. If you have the room, you may keep the telescope/trailer at your home.
  5. ASN is storing it at this time, but we need a new master of this telescope which ASN will provide training.


  1. Solar/Lunar Eclipse Guru
  2. This person is needed to write articles about the upcoming 2023 and 2024 solar eclipses.

2.Contact Jim Fahey at 775-356-0102 for the many responsibilities this position will have.

  1. New “Members and Guest” private observation site
  2. Jim’s idea is the park in Washoe Valley.
  3. Submit ideas and Advantages/ disadvantages to Jim at 7753560102.


  1. Tim Stoffel is the-information manager
  2. He will oversee nearby star parties.
  3. He will provide articles to the club about dates, times, prices of nearby major star parties.
  4. It was past last month that ASN would wear Safety Vest to ASN Functions. Jim Fahey has checked out prices of Safety Vest plus 4 color ASN logo on back. This would cost ASN $20 - $25 for each vest. Seems a bit much. Have a vote on buying Safety Vest plus Logo. Uline has Safety Vest one pocket for lot of 24 at $15 each, $360 total. Have a vote of just Safety Vest 24 each for $360.


Jim Fahey

President ASN