Markleeville Star Party

Saturday August 7,2021


            I have a special place in my heart for small town public events.  Markleeville is a tourist fishing town in gold country.  Grover Hot Springs State Park is a short drive away.

            Here are the ways a small town says “Thank You” for supporting their Star Party.


  1. The star event is scheduled for Saturday August 7th from 6 PM to 1 AM
  2. Flyers will be similar to those of the 2019 event, but we will add that red filters will be provided for flashlights. Your logo will be on the flyers as before.
  3. Parking for campers will be available on the tarmac viewing area and in the adjacent area under the trees 
  4. Hot dogs or hamburgers will be free to all astronomers.
  5.  Coffee and breakfast rolls will be available for astronomers on Sunday morning at no cost.
  6. We ask that the astronomers bring step stools to help small children see through the telescopes.
  7. Liability Insurance will be purchased by the organizers as was done in 2019

8 The event will be locally advertised through the Chamber of Commerce, Grover State Park, bulletin boards, and on various web sites including Facebook.

  1. We expect at least 150 attendees.
  2. Portable toilets and hand washing stations will be provided.
  3. We ask that one of the astronomers give a brief talk around 8 :30 PM regarding what can be seen in the night sky with the telescopes on site.


            Richard says 150 have signed up but just about the WHOLE town showed up last time. Therefore, many telescopes are needed. Camping next to the Airport is the best accommodation we can provide. Remember #4, 5, 6, and 10.  Motels charge their summer fishing rates.

Please check the map below.


Call Jim Fahey if you can bring a scope to this DARK SKY community star party. 775-356-0102