365.256 days, 584 million miles, one fantastic orbit
ALL FOR $20.

What Comes With Membership?

  1. Fellowship with others who share your appreciation of astronomy.
  2. Education opportunities in astronomy, both for teaching and for learning:
    • Public star parties (weather permitting) for "outreach" to interested non-members at schools, campgrounds, and community centers. Outreach provides ASN members the opportunity to share their knowledge and telescope views with the public. These star parties are generally held at suburban venues where everyone is welcome.
    • Member's star parties where the focus is on enjoying views through larger telescopes and at darker locations, challenging ourselves and our equipment. Members and their guests are welcome.
    • Regular meetings with presentations and/or discussions on astronomical topics to share knowledge among our members.
  3. Exclusive access to the ASN newsletter The Asteroid.
  4. Satisfaction of giving back to your community by enriching the lives of those who share your interest in astronomy.