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By Jim Fahey
12 Sep 2014 18:06
By Jim Fahey
  Dear friends,               On Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 1:54 pm, there will be the start of a partial solar eclipse.  The maximum coverage of the sun will happen at 3:18 pm. Approximately 45% of the sun will be covered by the moon. ...
By Dennis Jamison
15 Aug 2014 16:28
By Dennis Jamison
Recurring Star Parties ASN members help conduct weekly star parties at the UNR Redfield Campus MacLean Observatory, off the Mt. Rose Highway, every Friday of the month (weather permitting; event will be cancelled if skies are overcast).  Contact the UNR...
By Jim Fahey
05 Apr 2014 19:39
By Jim Fahey
          Three Outstanding Members   James Bankston is one of our quiet members who always has a smile.  James shows up at our school star parties and at Sparks Marina. A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, he is educating the...
By TimBurns
22 Jan 2014 22:05
By TimBurns
John Dobson, an Inventive Itinerant Guide to Stargazing, Dies at 98

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TimBurns's Avatar
04 Jun 2014 19:38
Video of Wilson Commons Peter Nygard had his low light video camera out at Wilson Commons on 5/24... check out the video he created: Wilson Commons 24May2014. Thanks Peter!
Dennis Jamison's Avatar
29 May 2014 18:56
Shopping List for 20" Scope At Wilson Commons (5-24-14) the 20” was operated with a Telrad and finder scope only. The only electrical power in use was the batteries in the Telerad. Members contributed their personal 2” eyepieces for the evening’s use. Here are some of the...
ekallgren's Avatar
23 May 2014 19:46
Second Attempt At Astrophotography Yes it's a 450D full mod by Gary Honis. It mad a huge difference in the nebula shots. Eric
Dennis Jamison's Avatar
27 Apr 2014 19:28
Video of April 2014 Full Moon Eclipse Bob, I think you did a fantastic job on this video!

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