What’s Up Tonight 7/25/15 Weekend Edition

What’s Up Tonight 7/25/15 Weekend Edition



Rises 5:54am Sets 8:18pm Elevation 70Deg


Mercury rises 5:59am Sets 8:33pm

Venus rises 8:25am sets 9:20pm

Mars rises 4:52am sets 7:42pm

Jupiter rises 7:54am sets 9:31pm

Saturn rises 3:30pm sets 1:37am

Uranus rises 11:33pm sets 12:30pm

Neptune rises 9:55pm sets 9:05am

Moon Maddness

Rises 3:02pm, sets 12:58am

Waxing Gibbous 65%

Comets (Flying Icebergs)

Please refer to an astro program for current information


M108 Spiral Galaxy Ursa Major RA 11h 11m 29s DEC 55deg 40’ 21” Mag 9.9

M25 Open Cluster Sagittarius RA 18h 31m 46s DEC -19deg 6’53” Mag 4.59

C12 Spiral Galaxy Cepheus RA 20h 34m 52s DEC 60deg 9’ 11” Mag 9

C8 Open Cluster Cassiopeia RA 1h 29m 31s DEC63deg 18’ 40”

SH16 Neb Sagittarius RA 17h 47m 52s DEC -29deg 18’ 14” Mag n/a

SH17 Neb Sagittarius RA 17h 46m 8s DEC -28deg 51’ 29’ Mag n/a

LDN30 Dark Neb Ophiuchus RA 17h 13m 1s DEC -23deg 3’ 30” Mag n/a

LDN44 Dark Neb Ophiuchus RA 17h 20m 2s DEC -23deg 43’ 0” Mag n/a

Today’s Thing

The Moon is sitting to the right of Saturn and the asteroid Ceres is at opposition and can be seen with binoculars. It is to the south of Capricornus.

Up Coming Events

Please check the Astronomical Society Of Nevada Web site for more information

3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting. Sparks Marina buy the White Gazebo 8pm-10pm

Aug 7-9 Larson Volcanic National Park Star Party

Sept 10-12 Great Basin National Park Star Party


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