What’s Up Tonight 6/20/15 Weekend Edition

What’s Up Tonight 6/20/15 Weekend Edition



Rises 5:33am Sets 8:29pm Elevation 73Deg


Mercury rises 4:26am Sets 6:34pm

Venus rises 9:04am sets 11:18pm

Mars rises 5:23am sets 8:24pm

Jupiter rises 9:38am sets 11:31am

Saturn rises 5:54pm sets 4:00am

Uranus rises 1:53am sets 2:45pm

Neptune rises 12:18am sets 11:25pm

Moon Maddness

Rises 9:42am, sets 11:19pm

Waxing Crescent 17%

Comets (Flying Icebergs)

Lovejoy Currently in Ursa Minor mag 14, it is below Polaris and across from Alifa al Farkadain


C35 Elliptical Galaxy Coma Berenices RA 13h 0m 8s DEC 27deg 58’ 34” Mag 11.5

C45 Spiral Galaxy Bootes RA 13h 27m 31s DEC 8deg 53’ 10” Mag 10.1

AGC537 Cluster of Galaxies Camelop RA 5h 24m 39s DEC 73deg 53’ 47” Mag 17.5

AGC546 Cluster of Galaxies Camelop RA 5h 42m 30S DEC 66deg 28’ 27” Mag 17.3

Bernard44 Dark Neb Ophiuchus RA 16h 40m 33s DEC -24deg 5’ 44”

LBN77 Neb Scutum RA 18h 30m 44s DEC -9deg 37’ 51”

LBN78 Neb Scutum RA 18h 30m 43s DEC -8deg 37’ 51”

SH9 Neb Scorpius RA 16h 21m 10s DEC 125deg 35’ 21”

Today’s Thing

The Moon and the planets Jupiter and Venus will be forming a triangle in the west. This Sunday June 21 will be the longest day of the year. The solstice will at 12:38pm EDT

Up Coming Events

Please check the Astronomical Society Of Nevada Web site for more information

3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting. Sparks Marina buy the White Gazebo 8pm-10pm

July 15th-19th Golden State Star Party

Aug 7-9 Larson Volcanic National Park Star Party

Sept 10-12 Great Basin National Park Star Party

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