What’s Up Tonight 6/6/15 Weekend edition

What’s Up Tonight 6/6/15 Weekend edition



Rises 5:33am Sets 8:23pm Elevation 73Deg


Mercury rises 5:13am Sets 7:18pm

Venus rises 8:52am sets 11:38pm

Mars rises 5:40am sets 8:35pm

Jupiter rises 10:21pm sets 12:23am

Saturn rises 6:53pm sets 4:58am

Uranus rises 2:47am sets 3:38pm

Neptune rises 1:13am sets 12:20pm

Moon Maddness

Rises 11:47pm, sets 9:43am

Waning Gibbous 80%

Comets (Flying Icebergs)

Lovejoy Currently in Ursa Minor mag 12.8, across from Yildun and below Polaris.


M66 Spiral Galaxy Leo RA 11h 20m 15s DEC 12deg 59’ 24” Mag 8.9

M68 Globular Cluster Hydra  RA 12h 39m 28s DEC -26deg 44’ 32” Mag 7.3

SH70 Nebular Ophiuchus RA 18h 12m 38s DEC7deg 3’ 47”

SH73 Nebular Hercules RA 16h 23’ 52” DEC 21deg 52 26”

LBN127 Bright Neb Sagitta RA 19h 11m 14s DEC 16deg 50’ 1”

LBN133 Bright Neb Vulpecula RA 19h 25m 7s DEC 22deg 45’ 59”

Today’s Thing

Between sunset and Moon rise you will have about 1 hour to search out those dark early setting objects

Up Coming Events

Please check the Astronomical Society Of Nevada Web site for more information

3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting. Sparks Marina buy the White Gazebo 8pm-10pm

July 15th-19th Golden State Star Party

Aug 7-9 Larson Volcanic National Park Star Party

Sept 10-12 Great Basin National Park Star Party


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