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Why aren't website buttons working properly?

If you are using a newer version of Internet Explorer (IE8 or IE9), you may find that some of the website features don't seem to work properly (e.g., you click on the 'Save' button when submitting an article and nothing happens).  Web browser standards evolve over time and websites must eventually evolve with them.  We plan on continuously updating our website over time to meet these standards... after all, we need something to do on those cloudy nights when we can't pull out the telescope!

In the meantime, check the 'Compatibility View' button (looks like a icon of a broken page) up by the URL field of your browser.  Turning on Compatibility View will tell the browser to work will web pages developed to older internet standards.  For more information about compatibility view, click here. When you click the Compatibility View button, the page will refresh.  So if you have just typed a bunch of information for an article, make sure you copy the text to your clipboard first or you will lose all of your work! 

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