Why aren't website buttons working properly?

If you are using a newer version of Internet Explorer (IE8 or IE9), you may find that some of the website features don't seem to work properly (e.g., you click on the 'Save' button when submitting an article and nothing happens).  Web browser standards evolve over time and websites must eventually evolve with them.  We plan on continuously updating our website over time to meet these standards... after all, we need something to do on those cloudy nights when we can't pull out the telescope!

In the meantime, check the 'Compatibility View' button (looks like a icon of a broken page) up by the URL field of your browser.  Turning on Compatibility View will tell the browser to work will web pages developed to older internet standards.  For more information about compatibility view, click here. When you click the Compatibility View button, the page will refresh.  So if you have just typed a bunch of information for an article, make sure you copy the text to your clipboard first or you will lose all of your work! 

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How Do I Update My Profile?

How Do I Update My Profile?

You can update your ASN profile information (interests, picture/avatar, etc.) when you are logged into the ASN's website.  Some information is visible to the public, some is visible only to other ASN members, while other information (email address, other contact info, etc.) is only available to club officers/administrators.  You should occassionally check…

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Submitting Website Articles

Members who are logged into the ASN website are able to submit articles for publishing.  Some of these articles will be included in the ASN's newsletter, The Asteroid.  Before you submit an article, however, you should ask yourself the following question:

Should I submit an article or post to the forums?

If you wish to share information that 1) you believe is of value to a large number of people, 2) you do not necessarily care to get a response to, and 3) you do not want to potentially get lost over time in the sea information that can be the forums, then you should consider submitting an article.  On the other hand, if you want to have a more interactive conversation with other members, then you should post to the forums.

How do I submit an article?

Very easy.  After you log into the website, just click the 'Create New Article' link located on the left side of the page.  A new window should open up with a WYSIWYG ('what you see is what you get') editor where you can create your article.  As you create your article, you can insert a 'Read More' tag and page breaks by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the text entry area. Note: If an article is selected for the newsletter, everything before the 'Read More' tag will display in the newsletter; the user clicks on the 'Read More' link to read the rest of the article on the website.  If you do not include a 'Read More' tag, the newsletter editor may insert one for you to facilitate formatting of the newsletter.…

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