President's perspective for June, 2011

Greeting, fellow ASN members!

Sorry I have been rather quiet around here. There are some periods of the year when my job seems to dominate, and April and May have certainly been in that category. But now, we are moving into summer. And just like it is the case for many animals (especially those with young), summer is a more carefree season for both work and astronomy.

The big story so far this year seems to be the weather. Cloudy (water vapor nebulae!), cold, windy, even snow as recently as May 29th. As I write this, the outdoor temperature (on June 3 at 12:30 AM) is hovering just above freezing. This kind of weather does not for good astronomy make. Lets us hope that as we get into June, that our 'carefree' weather will finally come!

'Weather or not', there is plenty of astronomy-related things to do in June. On Friday, June 3, we will get a chance to check out our new observing digs on the University of Nevada-Reno's Redfield Campus. There is some nice facilities there for telescope users, including some permanent piers. These have power and internet connectivity available for the many of you who use computers with their 'scopes. If you have not come out to any of our first Friday star parties, you ought to consider doing so. Getting to the Redfield Campus is easy. Just take the Mount Rose Highway to Wedge Parkway, and turn south (left for most of you) and drive into the campus.

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President's Perspective for April, 2011

Greetings, fellow stargazers! (Oops, not my line!)

Last month, it so happened that the ASN's president, Chris Johnson, had to step down for reasons having nothing to do with the ASN. So, having never really thought about this when accepting the job of Vice President, I now suddenly find…

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2011 is a go!

2011 is off to a great start!

So far we are 100% for our public star parties. Our first star party was the public star party at Rancho San Rafael on 7 January. It was an extremely cold evening, but we still had a small turnout.

On 21 January we had…

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