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The Astronomical Society of Nevada has as part of its charter to educate the public.  It appears that our outreach is doing a good job of this.  However, some members are not into outreach.  They would like to be more of an observer, techno expert or photographer.  I therefore propose an Achievement Award to fulfill these members’ effort.   

The Achievement Award is centered on a book I bought at Barns and Nobile, “101 objects to see in the night sky” by Robin Scagell. It has the observer look at an object and assigns a point value.  The Achievement Award will run continuously.  Points are assign based on Scagell book.  If you photograph the object the point value is 1.5 time the value in the book.  All photographs will be identified and emailed to the vice president. Observations and point value will be on the honor system, and maintain by the vice president.  An Achievement Award of a patch, certificate, or trophy has yet to be decided by the board. 

Concept:  We have several public outreach star parties, school star parties, and members only star parties not everyone joined the Club for this purpose.  By joining this Club one wants to stretch their knowledge of astronomy.  This can be done with private viewing.  The Club is now going to recognize you for your private and public viewing.  The center section of “Sky and Telescope” will give you a monthly challenge for eye, binocular, and telescopic viewing.  Astronomy magazine has a “Sky this month” section too. Of course you can buy Scagall’s book and let it be your log book of the heavens and maintain your own points.  Some objects need a large telescope.  You may use the Clubs 20” and 24” telescopes at the members’ only star party.  Participants will email the vice president Jim Fahey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 775-356-0102) with the following information: 

Object observed:              Date and time:                  (Attached photo or video if made) 

The vice president will look up the object in the Scagell book and assign points. The points will be maintain on a spread sheet and publish all participants points the first of each month on the ASN web site under “Member Articles àOther Members.” You may add comments about your observation.   

There are three Achievement Awards:      Planetary Award (250+ POINTS)   Galaxy Award (500+ points) and Messier Objects Award (25; 50; 75; 110 objects observed) see web site; 

Messier objects are counted in Planetary and Galaxy awards.  

This is a never ending award challenge.  At 750+ points a chevron is added to your Planetary Award. At 1000+ points a chevron is added to your Galaxy award.  This continues forever by adding chevrons.  

Remember Photos and videos receive a 1.5 factor to the point value.  

Let’s have some fun and rewards for “Looking UP!” 

Jim Fahey


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