Attention Teachers:

The Astronomical Society of Nevada has received 2 of 11 “Kits” from NASA suitable for classroom teaching. The first is “Our Magnetic Sun” and the second is “Life in the Universe.” If you are a member or a school member you may check out these classroom training aids for your science class. Contact Jim Fahey (356-0102) for check outs. We are getting some lesson plans, and CD’s from NASA with “neat stuff” too. We have a nice lesson plan for Astronomy/Chemistry of atoms. This spring ASN is participating in a research project. If you wish your students want to help please call Jim. Next November (2013) Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) will become the brightest anyone has ever seen (Astronomy p16 December 2012). Therefore adjust your lesson plans for this great event.

The Astronomical Society of Nevada is making an outreach to the schools in the local area. From UNR, TMCC, WCSD, Portola and Douglass County we have several people who can assist your science needs.

Jim Fahey
Outreach Director

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