Annular Eclipse Round Up

One year ago ASN voted to go big in promoting the eclipse. We would work in partnership with the Planetarium. Our goals were to:

Develop a power point or lesson plan on what an eclipse is, and how to safely watch the eclipse.

A contact person for each of the organization listed above.

The contact person will present the lesson on the eclipse.

Provide technical help to capture this event on video, digital, or film equipment.

To help the local press and public, the central assembly area will be the Redfield Campus observatory.

Purchase Solar Glasses to safely watch the eclipse. The temple supports will have the planetarium and ASN logos and web site. They will have the date and time of the eclipse and the date for the transit of Venus (June 5, 2012).

Dan Ruby recommends that we buy 5,000 solar glasses. These glasses can them be resold at a whole sale price to the organizations and retail price to the public.

Our goal is to be the first point of contact for Washoe County area. We will provide scientific and technical information for the public enjoyment of this celestial event.

Obtain grant money to buy solar viewers for WCSD 8th graders; approximately 5000.

We accomplish all the objectives listed above. In doing this promotion our outreach included all of WCSD, Pyramid Lake High School, Portola High School, Yerington Elementary School, Austin Elementary School, Boys and Girls Club, Galena Creek State Park, The Discovery Museum, Gordon’s Photos, The Nevada Historical Society, and the local Girl Scouts of America. American Assay Laboratory in Sparks provided funding for the 8th graders. The Boys and Girls Club provided tables and chairs for the dinner after the eclipse. Channel 5 KNPB provided Dean Regis and Sid the Science Kid along with members only dinner. What a rush!

Our outreach on safety was so successful that we made the news with the long lines at the planetarium to buy solar viewers. We sold over 2,000 solar viewers. The planetarium over 30,000!

I, Jim Fahey, wish to thank Dan Ruby for his leadership and knowledge guiding ASN in promoting this astronomical event. To all who sold solar viewers, thank you. There are 2,000 notices to the Truckee Meadows that there is a Astronomical Society of Nevada.

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