Solar Viewers Available

The ASN has a supply of safe solar viewers customized to commemorate the August 21 eclipse.  These 'glasses' allow safe viewing of the Sun, including the partial phases of an eclipse.  They can be obtained  from ASN members at our monthly public star party at Sparks Marina on the third Friday of July, the 22nd.  The star party will begin at dusk or about 8:30 pm. 


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Total Solar Eclipse Photography

Here is a link to the presentation I made today at Bartley Ranch on Total Solar Eclipse photography.


Also I am attaching a couple of photos from both 1979 and 1991 Total Eclipse that I took.  I will probably present the material again at an upcoming ASN meeting, so keep your eye on the calendar if you are interested.

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Three Outanding Members


Three Outstanding Members


James Bankston is one of our quiet members who always has a smile.  James shows up at our school star parties and at Sparks Marina. A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, he is educating the young ones with science and technology.  He always has handout at both public and school outreaches.  His knowledge of the sky is fantastic!  His is patient with the public when coaching them about the objects in the eyepiece; quiet and unassuming is his manner.  James does love the kids and gives them a WOW every time they peek through his 8 inch S/C telescope. The next time you see James, shake his hand and say “Thank you for your service and thank you for being a member of the Astronomical Society of Nevada.”   


Michael Hooper is the opposite of quiet. Just ask anyone sleeping at Bump Pass Hell campsite last August. Mike Hooper is one of the most active members of the Astronomical Society of Nevada.  A medical nuclear technician and past Vice President of the Astronomical Society of Nevada, “Mad Mike” is the Master of the Messier Marathon.  He mentors members meticulously through the monuments of the 110 messier objects. Mike has kept the relationship strong between ASN and Galena Creek State Park for the past three years.  Once every two months, Mike and Jim Fahey talk about the night sky or an event in the night sky.  It is Michael who does all the leg work keeping in constant communication with a rotating staff at the State Park.  Other members have discovered the nearby dark skies of the parking lot.  The park officers have stated that ASN lectures and star parties have the largest attendance of any other lecture.  


Keith Van Gilder is a solid main stay at Redfield.  The Planetarium needs man power for its Friday star parties.  The Astronomical Society of Nevada provides this man power with knowledgeable personnel.  Keith was not knowledgeable at first.  He directed people to ASN personnel to answer their questions.  But by going nearly every week, Keith’s knowledge has grown and now he is a master presenter himself.  By the way, Keith does not own a telescope.  He is using one of the club’s 8 inch Dobson telescopes for the Redfield star parties.  


What do these three people have in common?  They volunteer to do ONE thing for the club.  That is all it takes from a member.  If every member helps out in one project, what a great club we become!  Our Motto: 


To encourage, foster, conduct and support programs on astronomy and related sciences for the education and enlightenment of the general Public.


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ASN Newsletter, 2017 Q1

I have emailed the newsletter to all ASN members on the membership list, plus I posted it to Facebook on the ASN page.

If you want to read a copy I have posted it to Dropbox here:



Jay Lawson

ASN Historian and Newsletter Editor

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Computer for Sale

For sale complete computer system.

2800+ AMD Athlon XP Processor

CD RW 48x read/write

DVD 16x read

120 GB HD

10/100 Mbps Ethernet

512 DDR working memory

6 USB ports.


Great for a dedicated controller on a permanent mount.

OR just a internet/word processor for work or school.


Jim Fahey


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